Honest. Intrepid. Collaborative.


Arise Collective started in April 2017 with the goal of offering premium quality eyewear at an affordable price. A humble goal, but one that we feel all eyewear users around the world really need.

Working with an Italian design team, we partnered with VisionDirect.com.au - an established online eyewear retailer, to survey over 200,000 customers and identify what frame shapes you wanted, and what lens types you needed.

With your insights at hand, we created the frame styles that reflect what our audience wants. Through our close relationships with frame manufacturers and leading optical lens specialists, we have been able to deliver the highest quality materials and lens options in our collection.

Arise Collective celebrates diversity. We have been working together, collaborating across three continents, continuously developing and refining our vision to bring the best possible product to the market. We are a team of global citizens who have each brought our own heritage, style, and perspective to the Collective.